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I dont sweat, I sparkle. Fitness tips, workout blog, healthy meals, makeup tips, DIY home decor, and weightloss secrets!
Meet Ms Couture: Personal trainer, fitness blogger, and health and wellness specialist!

In this blog, learn from my total body workouts, restore your body and soul with my healthy snacks and recipes, and feel better about yourself from the inside out to your fabulous couture fashion!

About Ms Couture

I used to own a boutique fitness studio in Connecticut called Couture Fitness, specializing in fitness clothing, personal training, and kick-ass classes. I have had the opportunity to workout with some incredible rockstars! Not everyone can wakeup and do burpees at 5am, wear mermaid costumes in freezing temperatures, kickbox 9 months pregnant, or send pictures of squats every hour on the hour, all for the love of fitness! I am proud to say I have had some really amazing clients who I have had the joy of training for the past 5 years. I am so thankful for their loyalty to me and to my brand Couture Fitness. After getting married and moving to New York, I want to help everyone find the confidence you need to get to know your body.

get fit, get lean, fitness and workout routines
Make yourself stronger then your excuses.

For more ab blasting, arm toning workouts and strength training exercises, please visit my fitness blog!

Online Health Coaching

Are you getting married in the near future? Did you put on extra weight during the holidays? Maybe you want to tone up for that big trip you have planned. Whatever your reason to get healthy this year I applaud you!

Sometimes things in life happen and you stress eat and can’t seem to get it together….that’s OK! I want to be able to help you figure out what the hell you should be eating and when….

So I developed online coaching plans to help you meet your goals this year. I’m not kidding this plan is bulletproof. I want to help you come up with solutions on how the fix whatever is stopping you or has stopped you in the past and not just put a band aid on them. I am not here to give you the magic pill or drink but I will support you and hold you accountable.

Meal Planning and Weekly Motivation (Best Value)


3 weeks validity

Meal Planning, At- Home Workouts, and Daily Motivation


4-week course

Fitness & Nutrition Intensity Course


4-week course

Keep your heels, head & standards high.

Ms Couture

Founded in 2013 by Casey Farricielli, Couture Fitness, is a renowned boutique fitness studio originally started in Milford, CT.

Do you have questions about my workout plans or the online health coaching options I offer here?

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