2018 Burn Back Fat Fast Workout

You can do this workout in a few different ways: do each exercise three times in a row for 45 or 60 seconds resting 10-30 seconds in between OR do each exercise for a total of three sets resting after each exercise or after one set is complete.

You will need 2-10 pound dumbbells (whatever you can handle for 45-60 sec of the exercise requiring weight)

The exercises with ** are requiring weighted dumbbells. You should be burning by the last 10-15 sec of the exercise.

Make sure you have correct form. Do not sacrifice form for more weight.

Ready Set GO!

3 Sets of 45-60 sec of each: 

  • Boxing jabs
  • Bent Over 1 Arm Dumbbell Row **
  • Dumbbell Squat and Press **
  • Pushups
  • Boxing Jabs
  • Bent Over Row (with dumbbells 1 knee on a bench) **
  • Deadlift **
  • Clapping pushups (on knees for a modifcation)
  • Burpees
  • Dumbbell Row (bend forward palms in and row) **

Published by Couture Fitness

My journey to finding a healthy lifestyle has given me insight into the many challenges you may encounter. With extensive training and experience, I want to offer the world a better understanding of raw nutrition, lifestyle tips, and fitness. We only have one body to live in---so let's give it the best home possible!

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