Gluten Free Obsession Exposing You To Arsenic?

I understand many people hopped on the gluten free band wagon. I too limit my gluten and dairy 🥛intake because it upsets my stomach and gives me headaches. I do indulge once in a while and I try to eat 80% organic clean eating each day. 🥗

It is scary to hear that your precious expensive Gluten free products could contain arsenic and may be harmful to you! Gluten free products contain more rice 🍚to replace wheat products. Rice may accumulate arsenic and mercury from fertilizers, soil, and water.

It is important to understand arsenic is a metal. Ingesting too much arsenic can lead to cancer, liver disease, coma, even death!

If you’re eating several servings of gluten free bread, Mac and cheese, cereal, pasta🍝 each day, then limit your intake because your consumption of arsenic is dangerous!

If you think your eating arsenic in a meal, then just think: 30 minutes after you eat are you feeling drowsiness, headaches, confusion, severe diarrhea? If so contact a doctor, then read your labels! Severe symptoms can exist as well.

Lower in arsenic and a great protein source: quinoa!!! Quinoa pasta and quinoa chips instead of “gluten free.”

Grain free way of snacking try Parmesan chips!

My advice: eat more whole grains! 🌽🥕🥦Instead of whole wheat toast try sweet potato toast! Try adding nuts and beans in your diet as well. Spaghetti squash is a great alternative to gluten free pasta or white pasta😁. 🙏🏻 Women’s health also has a great article with delicious gluten free substitutes.

Published by Couture Fitness

My journey to finding a healthy lifestyle has given me insight into the many challenges you may encounter. With extensive training and experience, I want to offer the world a better understanding of raw nutrition, lifestyle tips, and fitness. We only have one body to live in---so let's give it the best home possible!

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