FIT Friday—Weekend MEAL Prep

Happy Friday!!! 

We live for the weekends in the summer but it is important not to let your weekends ruin your workouts! Just think of all those hours of hard work going to waste after eating a pizza and drinking your calories away. FYI:


Many people believe that because they exercise, they’re in the clear regarding their calorie intake versus their output from exercise. But in reality, many people have no idea how many calories they consume on an average day, and when asked to guess they usually underestimate it.

The impact exercise can have on weight loss is limited if changes are not made to a bad diet.

Finding a balance is key: do an extra activity if you know you will be eating out or drinking on the weekend.

Now, if you decide to eat a slice of chocolate cake with the intention of ‘working it off later’, in the three minutes it will take you to put away the cake, you’ve consumed around 500 calories. Not even that hard workout you plan to do will burn off the cake you just ate. Plus, you’ve provided your body with a couple of hundred extra calories to potentially store as fat.

So let’s talk… How can we fix this behavior? If you haven’t tried to meal prep before, give it a try!

For those of you who don’t know what meal prepping is or haven’t tried it—here’s the good news: You will never have to stand in front of the fridge wondering what to make for dinner again!!

Having your meals already made in the fridge is the best part of meal prepping! Having the luxury to grab and go during the busy workweek is the best!

I will narrow it down for you:

  1. Select your dinners (and their recipes, if needed).
  2. Shop for ingredients.
  3. Prepare those ingredients.

1. Select your recipes to make for the week on Friday.—

On Friday night, sit down with your notebook, your fav cocktail, and a recipe resource like Pintrest (check out my Nutrition Board here for ideas) and select recipes that appeal to you. Think about your week—Monday needs something comforting, Tuesday might be a late night, Weds may very well be your grilling night. You can totally make it fun and theme your days like “Meat-less Mondays” or “Taco-Tuesdays.” It is almost like setting a uniform to your weeks and just changing the recipes each week. whatever you can do to simplify your life—is a MUST! Then make your shopping list!

2. Go grocery shopping on Saturday. 

Summer is for farmers markets! Head out early to get the shopping done and out of the way to enjoy your day. I don’t know about you, but shopping in an outdoor market in the summer is so much more enjoyable then hitting the regular chain grocers.


3. Finally PREP ingredients on Sunday. 

On Sunday afternoon or evening, set aside an hour to chop your veggies, make a salad dressing, marinate your protein in your choice of dressings for the week. I found some really yummy recipes on this blog.

>>I also have some healthy tips on my blog to help you choose your meals.

Now, let’s go have a FRIDAY! Hope this was helpful and inspiring! If so, leave a comment below 🙂


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My journey to finding a healthy lifestyle has given me insight into the many challenges you may encounter. With extensive training and experience, I want to offer the world a better understanding of raw nutrition, lifestyle tips, and fitness. We only have one body to live in---so let's give it the best home possible!

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