Fit-Friday 13th Workout- 4 Ways to Burn Fat


TGIF! Happy Friday!! Let this blog post be your Friday reminder to keep moving this weekend!

This week I want to talk to you about FAT LOSS–OK so I get this ALL THE TIME: what is the best workout to do to lose fat?!

I wish there was a simple solid answer to this but there isn’t.>>>The SKINNY on getting SKINNY is ultimately creating a calorie deficit. So you need to burn more calories than you consume.

HOW??—You can do this by exercising, making healthier food choices, and moving more! Having a sedentary job makes this more challenging, but you can burn more calories by getting up every 20 minutes to get more steps in throughout the day. I will go over some tips I found helpful:

4 Ways to BURN MORE FAT: 

1- GET YOUR STEPS IN-— It’s difficult to burn enough excess calories in an hour-long sweat session alone. But frequently taking breaks from your seat? That could actually make or break your daily deficit. Go take a walk outside, make frequent trips to the water fountain, and take the stairs! Park your car so far away that you will be forced to get extra steps in. Make stepping a challenge with friends and family. Start tracking your steps and see how you compare to others. Reach for at least 10,000 steps a day to start. 

2- DO Interval Training Workouts-—The ultimate goal here is to burn more calories, right? Try 15-30 minutes of interval training or HIIT workouts ( high intensity interval training). Try this HIIT workout from Daily Burn. I love HIIT workouts—they are quick, get the job done, get you sweating, and speed up your metabolism.

3- DO Strengthening training- You’ll want more muscle to burn more calories. A pound of muscle burns way more calories throughout the day then a pound of fat. To build muscle, you’ll want to lift weights and add resistance training. Nerd Fitness has some great tips on how to strength train properly. Also life is easier when your strong! Everyday activities like carrying groceries will not be a problem for you. It also improves our quality of life and prevents diseases like osteoporosis and fibromyalgia.

4- Focus on Burning calories. I know I titled this article “4 Ways to Burn More Fat,” but if you burn more calories, then you will be burning fat. I hate the settings on some cardio machines. Most people think that if they set their elliptical on “fat burning mode” that should do the trick. Honestly, fat burning zone isn’t going to help you burn the most calories. In fact, we burn more calories while sleeping. The “Fat burn” setting is on the lower end of the calorie burning scale —making it not ideal for fat loss. If you want to get on a cardio machine, go for intervals—do some hiit training. It will be more worth your while. You will see greater results doing 1-2 minutes of high intensity with a minute at an easy pace and repeating this for 20 minutes.

So now we’re ready to go burn fat and calories!? Here’s a FRIDAY workout for you….And it’s Friday the 13th… So in honor of the spooky Friday, I have a 13 minute workout with 13 exorcises! If you are feeling sassy do it twice!

Do each for 1 minute: 

1-March or jog in place

2- Lunges or jump lunges 

3- Burpees with or without full pushup

4- Crunches or full situps 

5- Squats or squat jumps 

6- Toe taps or high knees 

7- Sumo squat or lateral hops 

8- Plank

9- Superman hold

10- Mountain climbers 

11- Glute bridge 

12- Side plank 

13- Butt kicks 


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My journey to finding a healthy lifestyle has given me insight into the many challenges you may encounter. With extensive training and experience, I want to offer the world a better understanding of raw nutrition, lifestyle tips, and fitness. We only have one body to live in---so let's give it the best home possible!

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