The First Fit Friday of the New Year!¡

First of all Happy New Year!!happy new years eve images 2020

Sorry I have been MIA from blogging, I’ve had to deal with some personal family matters but now I’m back in action and ready for the new year!

I understand most people set a New Years resolution with the attempt to lose weight and get healthy.D912A3C5-3935-4E5D-BB60-E9F88DAC1D0D If that’s you, then I have some good news! I found a website that will pay you to lose the weight and drop body fat in 30 days….only one month people! That’s right you could win $20-100 maybe more for joining what I’m calling it the 2020 weight loss challenge! Bet what you want and invest in your health this year!

You can join the bet for $20 online here and you will enter the biggest loser pot! The more people who enter, the more money you can win! Tell your friends, parents, heck tell grandma: let’s get healthy this year! Join the team now before Jan 6, 2020! All bets must be in by Monday.

And FYI I do not make any money with the biggest loser bets described above but I created a team to invite my family and friends to get healthy with me! So let’s do it together! 681B3391-5827-4C1A-8D32-991EC3EA41CA

I have been training clients for 13 years now. I have seen a lot of New Years resolutions workout and some fail. Some people have a dramatic weight loss and go back to old habits or plateau. Some people invest so much money in a new pill, “health coach”, or protein powder that may aid in weight loss but will not be sustainable. It could also be extremely unhealthy way of losing weight that your organs will pay for later. I stopped drinking certain protein powders because it was affecting my chances of ever having children and getting breast cancer. It is sooooo important to read labels!

Are you getting married in the near future? Did you put on extra weight during the holidays? Maybe you want to tone up for that big trip you have planned. Whatever your reason to get healthy this year I applaud you!

Stress eating

Sometimes things in life happen and you stress eat and can’t seem to get it together….that’s OK! I want to be able to help you figure out what the hell you should be eating and when….So I developed online coaching plans to help you meet your goals this year. I’m not kidding this plan is bulletproof. I want to help you come up with solutions on how the fix whatever is stopping you or has stopped you in the past and not just put a bandaid on them. I am not here to give you the magic pill or drink but I will support you and hold you accountable.


I coach individuals and small groups online. For small groups I make a group chat and we share motivation and challenge each other. I have helped many people lose weight or just eat healthier with my online coaching so I am putting it out there to all you who read my blog….if your interested or want more info fill out this form and I will get back to you!

I feel like this plan really helps people because it is so much more valuable then a trainer putting you through a workout for an hour once a week or trying new classes at a nearby gym. Yes, I am sure those workouts are great but what are you doing the rest of the time? With my plan you can workout anytime anywhere and get a complete nutrition, workout, and wellness plan for 30 days.

ANDddd unlimited support from yours truly.

Not sure if your buying the right oatmeal at the grocery store? Text me a pic! Have a question about a recipe, just ask! I have been a lifeline to many people doing online coaching that I’ve found it works even better then when I trained people in person because they have more of a plan and accountability.

RECAP….if you were interested in accountability and support……

Contact me for more info in the form above or let me know your ready to sign up!!!

30 days of:

  1. Training when and where you want with me as your coach in your back pocket via text, apps, and your phone.
  2. Ultra Personalized plan: Together we will come up with a personalized diet, exercise, sleep and wellness plan just for you. **that includes super easy recipes and grocery lists that fit your taste and lifestyle.
  3. Accountability and support: I feel like this one is the most important. ALOT of my clients set off on a great start and might fall off or give in to unhealthy habits. I will be sending daily reminders to stay on track and keep going! So in other words I will be your biggest cheerleader!

I hope I motivated you to invest in yourself some way this year! Whether it’s a reminder to eat healthier or hit the gym or both, I encourage you to do something for YOU. Make a promise to yourself that you’ll make a conscious effort to…(you fill in the blanks.)

Happy new year! Enjoy the first weekend in 2020!

Don’t let this be you:




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My journey to finding a healthy lifestyle has given me insight into the many challenges you may encounter. With extensive training and experience, I want to offer the world a better understanding of raw nutrition, lifestyle tips, and fitness. We only have one body to live in---so let's give it the best home possible!

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