Staying Home Due to Corona Virus? What You Should Stock In Your Pantry.

Happy Friday Beautiful people!!

It is turning out to be a beautiful Friday evening so far!

I wanted to focus on something that has everyone in hysterics… the corona virus.

Ughhhh I know you’ve had enough of this corona virus banter!

I must say we can take one good thing back from this: that is people are actually starting to wash their hands and care about their immune systems!

As a health guru and nutrition coach, I am happy to see the doctors on news stations like NBC giving advice on what to eat to boost immunity. It makes me happy to see the general public caring about their health. It is sad it had to come to an epidemic but this too shall pass people! It will come to an end. Stay positive. I hope people still continue to take their vitamins and supplements and wash their hands once this craziness is over. But for now take it as a chance to change for the better! Here’s some advice I find to be helpful when choosing a diet plan.

Everyone has their own opinions on what you should or shouldn’t put in your body. Some of these “health” coaches are on their high horses convincing you need this one product or one diet. I highly disagree, every human is different. Everyone has different needs. You have to listen to your body. If red peppers give you indigestion or carrots make your lips itch (don’t like that this happens but it happens to me), then you should switch to an alternate source of nutrition…there is no magic supplement that helps you lose weight.

My post workout fuel is not always a protein shake.

The magic of losing weight comes from consistency. If you are consistent and fully commit to diet change that is convenient and nutritious, then you will see the weight fall off. Without change, there is no change!

So then maybe your wondering…. what do I eat? Should I go paleo, keto, carnivore, plant-based, intermittent fast?!?! I know it is confusing. I have tried them all. I encourage you to do the same! Find what works for YOU and only YOU. Do not compare yourself to the insta trainer or celebrity blogger. YOU are your own person with different needs, different schedules, and therefore your diet change should be different and as individual as you are!

One of my favorite healthy breakfast options.

On that note….Your body communicates what you need. If your trainer is telling you that you need more protein in your diet then ok fineeeeee…. that may be! But that doesn’t mean you go out and buy the same protein as your trainer. Maybe protein powder doesn’t keep you full or you hate the taste. Hey it’s ok to admit if it gives you diarrhea or gas. That is your body telling you that it’s rejecting that nutrient your putting inside of it. Don’t force it. Just because protein powder works for some, it is not a one size fits all approach to healthy eating.

Healthy grilling options taste sooooo yummy in summer!

In holistic nutrition, the focus on nutrition of the seasons helps people feel better as well. You might crave acorn squash in the fall and blueberries in the summer. Our bodies tend to respond better to the nutrition in season. But listen to your body most importantly, choose healthy foods that make you feel good and give you energy. I’m not saying to go to the mcDonald’s drive through, no that’s not nutritious. Also there is no reason to ever drink soda, Red Bull, or soy but hey take small steps to eliminate the bad in your diet each week. Im saying that IF YOU prefer to eat chick pea pasta with 11g of protein over the protein powder or chicken you think you should be eating, then it is OK!

But what if we think the apocalypse is about to happen and we need to stock up on food for weeks? Then there are some healthy alternatives to keep in the pantry. And hey you just might like them!

I encourage you not to just buy all canned foods because of the high salt content. That just isn’t good for anyone and can actually create more anxiety if ingested too much.

Here’s my list of healthy go-to’s in case of emergency:

  • Frozen fruit (can always add this to a smoothie with peanut butter or almond butter)
  • Frozen fish, chicken, steak, burgers, whatever you got freeze it or buy it frozen. I also like to add ground beef or turkey to some of my beans and rices.
  • Lentils * also a good source of protein if you do not want to eat meat. It will keep you satisfied. (I like to add lentils to my quinoa and kale salads or make soup.)
  • Chicken stock/ Bone broth and or bouillon cubes
  • Quinoagluten-free, high in protein and one of the few plant foods that contain sufficient amounts of all nine essential amino acids.. It is also high in fiber, magnesium, B vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E and various beneficial antioxidants.)
  • Pasta (I prefer chickpea pasta —now I am obsessed and its so affordable at Walmart.)
  • Other canned beans like chickpeas, peas, kidney beans and black beans and canned tuna (rinse and add this to any side dish, make chili, add to pasta or rice)
  • Rice (I love the Banza brand rice made from legumes. You can find it on Thrive or Walmart! I like the fact that is is gluten free and it has 10g of protein and 5g of fiber when regular rice has maybe 3g of protein and little nutritional content. Also it is not in a can so there is no added salt)
  • Frozen Veggies– choose vegetables that you actually like and will eat. My favorites are frozen spinach, kale, broccoli, carrots (when cooked my lips don’t itch) and green beans.
  • Condiments
  • Other Vegetables that stay long for several days include: broccoli brussels sprouts, peppers, carrots, and potatoes.
  • Water. Lots and lots of water. Stay hydrated!
  • Don’t forget the toilet paper! haha just kidding!

For recipes and more healthy inspo follow me on Instagram @caseycouture_fitness as well as my blog @mscouturefit. I will be posting lots of recipes using these foods.

If you are reading this and feeling very confused, shoot me an email or comment below. I can point you in the right direction. I have tons of easy yummy recipes to try! I also offer online coaching services to get a slim down jumpstart with daily workouts and inspo from me along with weekly individualized meal plans and grocery lists. I make this as easy as possible for you. You follow my plan, you WILL see results.

Hopefully I gave you some positivism during this time of corona virus hysteria. I gave you a broad list of healthy foods that I would reccomend keeping in your panty. Don’t feel pressure to buy all of them but choose the foods that seem practical and delicious for you and your family. Keep in mind all the healthy habits you are forming now and stick to them long after this virus goes away.

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My journey to finding a healthy lifestyle has given me insight into the many challenges you may encounter. With extensive training and experience, I want to offer the world a better understanding of raw nutrition, lifestyle tips, and fitness. We only have one body to live in---so let's give it the best home possible!

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