Staying Home Due to Corona Virus? What You Should Stock In Your Pantry.

Happy Friday Beautiful people!! It is turning out to be a beautiful Friday evening so far! I wanted to focus on something that has everyone in hysterics… the corona virus. I must say we can take one good thing back from this: that is people are actually starting to wash their hands and care aboutContinue reading “Staying Home Due to Corona Virus? What You Should Stock In Your Pantry.”

The First Fit Friday of the New Year!¡

Tips, tricks and coaching on how to fullfill your New Years resolution. Win money to lose the weight with our biggest loser 2020 weight loss challenge.

FIT Friday Workout & Fall Recipe Motivation

Happy Friday! #TGIF   It’s the start to a beautiful weekend here in the northeast! Hopefully you can carve out some time to go do something fun outdoors with family and friends! If you are going apple picking this weekend, I have got a recipe to put those apples to good use! If you missedContinue reading “FIT Friday Workout & Fall Recipe Motivation”

FIT Friday–Easy Fall Fav Meals

HAPPY FRIDAY!! I am super excited to do some fun fall activities this weekend! What are you planning to do? I was thinking maybe hike outdoors at the Bear Mountain State Park. Has anyone tried to do that? If so, leave me a comment below! It’s going to be a great weekend to be activities soContinue reading “FIT Friday–Easy Fall Fav Meals”

Eat Well Be Well.. Are You Eating To Fuel Your Body?

So many clients ask me my opinion on nutrition. I always tell them, I am not a nutritionist but I have been an active personal trainer for the last 12 years. “Personal” being the operative word! Every person is different. Every “body” is beautiful and unique. So therefore when it comes to nutrition, you needContinue reading “Eat Well Be Well.. Are You Eating To Fuel Your Body?”

Organic Is the Most Important Food Movement of Our Lifetime

I used to be skeptical about the word “organic.” Now, I prefer to pay more for organic food then suffer later.

Gluten Free Obsession Exposing You To Arsenic?

I understand many people hopped on the gluten free band wagon. I too limit my gluten and dairy 🥛intake because it upsets my stomach and gives me headaches. I do indulge once in a while and I try to eat 80% organic clean eating each day. 🥗 It is scary to hear that your preciousContinue reading “Gluten Free Obsession Exposing You To Arsenic?”