4 Resolutions to Try This Year & My 30 Day Challenge to Help You Achieve Them!

Happy FRIYAY!!! #TGIF….SO you have had a week in the NEW YEAR! YAY. How is it going so far? Have you set intentions for the year? the month? or the decade? I didn’t set my resolution yet because I was waiting for some inspiration… So for the #FITFRIDAY motivation this week: I hope I canContinue reading “4 Resolutions to Try This Year & My 30 Day Challenge to Help You Achieve Them!”

Fit Friday—Eating Is Your Self Care!

Happy FRIDAY!!! I am super excited to share some information I learned from my EXOS Holistic Nutrition Seminar with you this FRI-YAY!¬† Ok are you ready to get your mind blown?…. You may want to read this if you are eating the same healthy¬†lunch everyday and experiencing any of the following issues with: digestion, insomnia,Continue reading “Fit Friday—Eating Is Your Self Care!”

FIT Friday- Do You Self Care??

TGIF!!! I hope you had a productive week! Its finally FRI-YAY! After listening to a couple of Podcasts, I got to thinking about self-care. I was curious…Do you do it? Do you know what it is? I think in today’s day and age, we need to do more self care. With the technology rising andContinue reading “FIT Friday- Do You Self Care??”